Monday evening 19 - 22:45hrs : 'The Individual Club'

You play with seven different partners. This is the club, where our students start their career. The bidding system we teach them is therefore obliged. Because beginners are slower we play 21 games.
The costs to participate are € 5,-. 



Tuesday afternoon 12:30 - 16:30hrs : 'The Egg-nog Drive'

A Club where you will find relatively many strangers. People sometimes come and celebrate on this afternoon with its hilarious bridge drive. This club is not for curmudgeons, as the athmosphere is very lively. We play barometer. This is a tournament where all tables play the very same set of games at one time. The results are known within minutes and the winning couple gets an egg-nog with whipped cream. Participating will cost you € 5,-.


Tuesday evening 19.15 - 22:45hrs: Looier Individual no-smoking

This is our 'Rubber Club"

Anybody is welcome!
"If you stay in Amsterdam for a longer period you should become a member. 
Like at our other clubs, there is a discount for members. 





Friday afternoon 13 - 16:30hrs : 'The Acol Individual no smoking Club'

Anybody can participate, but as it is individuals, you have to play a uniform system. For this afternoon we chose the system: 'Acol 5-card hight.'


Every last Sunday of the month 12:45hrs : 'The Champagne Drive'

Every last sunday of the month we play this drive. Also this afternoon someone is waiting for you. We play in pairs.



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